Everyone gets so excited to find out they have been called for an interview but then they start to fret over things like ” will I give the right answers; how many other people am I up against in the interview; who will I be meeting with?.”   These are all normal concerns but one thing we all tend to over look are the nonverbal cues.   The College Journal reports that, according to some studies, “Body language is comprised of 55% of the force of any response, whereas the verbal content only provides 7% and the other 38% makes up the “sighs and pauses” before answering a question.”    It might be very surprising to see that our nonverbal communication is as important, or even more important than, verbal communication.  However, if you think about your interview starting the minute you walk into the company lobby and not ending until you are finished and walking back out the door, this information may begin to make sense.   Some nonverbal items to consider:  Dress professional and according the to job you are seeking; make eye contact with everyone you meet from the receptionist to the interviewer and be polite; sit quietly if you need to wait in the lobby and don’t use your cell phone, chew gum or slouch.  During the interview make sure you don’t interrupt, be sure you listen as well as smile and nod at appropriate times and make sure to be attentive and interested.   Best of luck “non-communicating”!


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