Engineering majors seem to be dominating the list of highest paid college majors.  Taking over the top 6 spots in the top ten highest paid degrees for a Bachelors.   With the demand being so high for this field and the graduates so low it isn’t surprising that Computer Engineering is ranked number 1 with a starting salary of $70,400.

The top list includes:

1)Computer Engineering $70,400

2)Chemical Engineering $66,400

3) Computer Science $64,400

4) Aerospace/Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineering $64,000

5) Mechanical Engineering $62,900

6)Electrical/Electronics and Communications Engineering $62,300.

Hope you find a good study buddy and best of luck if you chose one of these degrees.. these fields are waiting for you!

The Data for this survey was taken from the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics and Staffing Industry Analysts.





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