North America is experiencing a talent shortage in manufacturing and will continue to see a shortage in the coming years.  With the continued advancement in technology, the manufacturing environment is changing dramatically and constantly. While new technology presents opportunities for performance enhancements, many companies are unable to take full advantage of innovations because of the difficulty to find trained, skilled and experienced people.

Businesses are realizing that there’s no single solution for this talent shortage.  Instead, the solution is multifaceted, requiring the collaboration of employers and educators to help create a better image of manufacturing, it’s not always a dirty job requiring a strong back.  Many current manufacturing environments require computer skills and technical skills with a working knowledge of machinery.  Businesses and education need to work together as a team to implement technical programs to train the current and future workforce.

Positions in manufacturing that will be most in demand are machinists and technicians, the new term for these types of workers are “Knowledge workers”.  So, if you aren’t sure what you want to do after graduation or you want to make a career change maybe this would be something to consider?

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