Whether you are currently working with a recruiter or have been contacted by a recruiter, building a relationship with a local recruiter is one of the best relationships you can have.


A few tips on building this relationship are:

1) Meeting in person is a good start, this way you can share ideas and get to know one another.

2)Confidentially share information: the recruiter can tell you what they might currently be working on in turn you might have information that can help them do their jobs, such as new businesses or contacts.

3) Let them know what you will and won’t accept as far as job types, salary and what items are deal breakers. ¬†Recruiters will be able to save time for both of you by only contacting you when the “price and Job are right!”

4) Last know that recruiters are not just useful for candidates ready to make a job change but they are also good contacts to have when you are perfectly content in your current role.  Building these relationships are a great networking tool for any career.


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