We understand that treating recruiters and HR people as your customers will have all the usual frustrations of customer service, and is especially nerve-wracking at a time and life situation in which you really need to get out of your current position and into a new one.

But no matter how badly you want it, burning the people who are there to facilitate your getting hired is short-sighted and ineffective.

To make the most out of your job search, you’ll need to treat the recruitment professionals with whom you come into contact, as buyers of a very important, and very expensive, product:¬†You.

After all, you’re selling the most important thing you’re going to sell this year — your labor — probably three, four, or more, years’ worth.

That’s multiple hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of dollars.

Some helpful tips…

Keep a positive attitude: Recruiters and HR people are liaisons between you and your future.

Stay connected: Call them back when they contact you re: interviews, follow up or needing more info.

Be patient: Finding a great job takes time but it will come.

Good Luck in your search.




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