One of the best pieces of advice I received many years ago was  “Always learn something new that you can add to your resume.”  Adding new skills to your resume is something we should always be doing however what are other things that you should include on your resume to let a future employer know more about you?

First, at the top of your resume instead of listing objectives try to create a profile section or summary of what you have to offer.  A quick list to highlight your strengths and experience gives the hiring manager an overview of what they will see in the body of the resume.

Second, instead of listing job responsibilities try focusing on your accomplishments.  Something that explains how you performed not just what your job duties were.

Third, make sure to add your volunteer work and hobbies.  Many things you do outside of work might be relevant to the job you are seeking and can help paint a better picture of you as a candidate.

Last, create bullet points instead of large blocks of text.  Hiring managers like to skim over resumes to see who will be a potential fit, trying to cram too much information onto your resume can be overwhelming.  Having your information arranged in smaller bullet points rather than paragraphs will allow others to read and process your information more quickly.


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