Today's fast paced business environment calls for strong and reliable partnerships. As your staffing partner, IMKO will provide your company with the strength of skilled, professional and reliable employees.
What tools does it take to make a successful company certain of a solid profitable future? Good people are the key to success and IMKO knows people. Learn to rely on us as your human resources consultant.
Now more than ever is the time for you to build a relationship with IMKO. Our dedication to securing the future for our partners is what makes us different from other firms. IMKO's future relies on our ability to help you succeed.
We've been doing what we do since 1972. In that time we've seen 12 economic recessions; we've learned to cope with the changing economic environments and have helped numerous companies retain valuable market positions.
Our corporate office is located in St. Joseph, MO and we have locations throughout Missouri, Kansas and Iowa. Find the location nearest you and contact us today.
We are proud of our commitment to maintaining the standards and certifications to the American Staffing Association, Workmen's Risk Certification, and the Staffing Industry Analysts.

Employee Resource center

Welcome to IMKO’s Employee Resource Center!

Below are several items you may need from time to time while working for us.

*If you have just registered on-line, additional forms can be downloaded and completed from the steps below before coming into the office.  Please contact our office to schedule your interview, make sure to bring the necessary paperwork with you. ( find your local office here )

We want you to have a great experience while working for our company; please do not hesitate to contact our office for further information.

Employee Documents

Step 1 – Complete the I-9 Form and your State applicable Form

Screening Consent Form click here
I-9 Form click here
Authorization Form click here

Step 2 – Complete Federal W-4 Form and your State W-4 Form

Federal W-4 Form click here

 California W-4 Form click here  Iowa W-4 Form click here
 Missouri W-4 Form click here  Kansas W-4 Form click here

Step 3 – View or complete the following information

Essential Care Medical Notice (must read) click here
Health Insurance Form (must complete) click here
Policies Form (must complete) click here
Employee Handbook (must read) click here
Employee Acknowledgement of Receipt of Manual (must complete) click here 

Step 4 – Pennsylvania Applicants only

 Pennsylvania Residency Form click here
 Pennsylvania Attendance Policy Form click here
 Pennsylvania Employee-Acknowledgment of Physician Panel Form click here

Step 5 – Applicant Testing & Orientation

ProveIt Testing click here
Safety Video (must watch) click here
Safety Video Test (must complete) click here

Misc forms

Direct-Deposit-Form click here
Single Timesheet click here
Resume template click here

Employee FAQs