Job Seeker FAQ

What is the easiest way to apply for a job?

If you are not registered with us, please apply on-line and then you will need to come to the nearest IMKO office and complete the rest of the process.  Please check for location and office times under contact us.

I am registered already, what do I do next?

You should be calling the office you are registered with regularly reporting that you are available for work.  All of our offices have an availability process, make sure you are following it.

When I am on assignment for you, who is my employer?

IMKO is always your employer while you are on assignment.  Whether you work one assignment or various throughout the year, we are your employer for all work and employment issues.  You will receive a W-2 from us in January.

What should I do if my assignment has ended?

Assignments vary in length.  You should contact our office if your assignment as ended.

I cannot go to work today or may be late-what should I do?

If for any reason you cannot report to work or are late, you should contact our office immediately.  You may leave a message if it is before or after open office hours (speak clearly and leave phone number), however, you must follow up by talking to a service coordinator during office hours so the absence/tardiness will be recorded correctly.

When should I submit a timecard and when is payday?

During your assignment, some clients take care of your time for you, some do not.  Make sure you know who will be reporting your time.  If you are responsible, all time must be turned into our office by noon on Monday.  Our standard pay period is Monday thru Sunday…turn in your time the following Monday.  Payday is the following Friday, you get paid the week after you work.  IMKO does not hold back a week.  Submitting time late may delay your paycheck.

How can I get paid?

For security and privacy reasons, IMKO encourages all employees to be paid by either direct deposit or IMKO pay card.  Your local office can get you set up.  You may log on the website each week to see your pay stub.  If you are receiving a check, please make sure you know if it will be delivered to your assignment location or if you need to pick it up in our office.  You must call before friday to have your check left in the office.  Only you can pick up your pay check.

I have some verification forms that need to be filled out-what do I do?

The fastest way is call your local office and get a log-in so you can see all your pay stubs on-line.   All paper verification forms are handled by our corporate department and are only done on certain days.  You may fax them to 816-233-9477.  Use your log-in, it’s the best and fastest way.

What happens if I am injured while on assignment?

If an accident occurs and you are injured on the job, you must notify a branch manager or safety manager immediately!  Do not seek medical treatment until you have talked to us.  We want to make sure you receive the care and attention at the proper facility.

Am I eligible for benefits through IMKO?

Yes, there are several benefits available such as holiday and vacation pay (*hours requirement).  Various insurances are available too.  Please make sure you read your handbook, all information is discussed there.