It’s hard to improve the work environment when you don’t know what’s driving your employees nuts. Enter a new workforce survey that looks to set the record straight on why some employees hate their jobs and co-workers. The survey was conducted by animal welfare organization The Brooke in commemoration of World Donkey Week. In asking… Read more »

Safety isn’t always foremost in the minds of entrepreneurs or small business owners. For some, a severe injury to a worker is a very remote possibility and hardly worth worrying about. Still others believe there is no way to get the job done safely without spending heaps of money that they just don’t have. Yet… Read more »

Workplace wellness programs — which are incentivized under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act — are varied in nature and may include everything from blood pressure and cholesterol screenings to participatory groups designed to get employees to maintain a healthy weight or to quit smoking. A recent report by the RAND Corporation found that… Read more »

Your new employees arrived on time for their first day of work and are ready to start producing for your company. The hard part of the hiring process is over — but it’s not done yet. Now, you need to figure out how you will train these employees to get them up to speed as quick as… Read more »

The Lincoln branch will be hosting a job fair at the Nebraska Employment Office on Feb 28th from 10-2. We are looking for people experienced in general labor, warehousing, assembly line and forklifts. Please stop by to fill out an application or go to our website

We just completed our ten big predictions for HR, talent, and learning in 2014 and the theme is “The Year of the Employee.” Global economic growth will cause the balance of power to shift, allowing top talent to exert more control. Top people with key skills (engineering, math, life sciences, energy) will be in short… Read more »

While the job market may not have moved as quickly as many would have wished in 2013, it certainly improved. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics showed 186,300 jobs were created per month on average from January to October of this year, up from 172,700 during the same period in 2012 and 169,900 in 2011…. Read more »