Online W2’s now available

Well, the new website has now been up awhile—what do you think!

One of the new features for employees is what we are announcing now-


Here is how you get them-

Make sure you have a user name and password-if you don’t, you need to call the IMKO office you registered at -they will assign one.

Log-in then click on My profile.

There should be a line  “View my online W2’s” click on it.

You have to do 2 things-first, OPT in to see it-check the box then click on Update W2 Opt in Preference.

One you have done both of those things, select year then click on View W2 for Selected Year– it should

bring up a PDF with your W2s (remember you may have more than one since we work out of multiple corps)

NO more waiting for the mail!  We should be kicking out 2012 W2 by the second week of January.

3 thoughts on “Online W2’s now available

  1. My name is Glen Kleiber, I worked here the beginning of 2016. I was not able to print out my W-2, the site wont even let me open it. I now need it for proof to a mortgage company.

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