Be Proactive!

I have had several candidates ask me ” Is it appropriate to follow up after sending a resume or going on an interview?”  My answer is always “yes.”  You are never out of line to make contact with a company within a week of submitting your resume but especially make contact after an interview, the key is to let them hear or see your name again.   Make a phone call or send an email checking in with the client to make sure they did indeed receive your resume, then follow up again in a few weeks to check in on the progress. For those who get selected for an interview, make sure to send a written “thank you”, whether it is an email or handwritten card, this puts your name in front of them again.  Give them at least a week or two to conduct all of their interviews and then if you haven’t heard anything contact them just asking where things are in the process.   Different avenues of follow up /contact will let a company see and hear your name over and over which will set you apart from the other candidates.

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