6 Ways a Staffing Company Saves You Money

Right now, there’s probably someone in your company who thinks that using a staffing company costs more money. But when you consider the hidden costs of hiring, a staffing firm actually saves you money. It does this by enabling you to these six things.

 Hire the right employee. The right employee brings value many times greater than the cost of his or her salary and benefits. Hiring the wrong employee, however, can cost you dearly in terms of lost revenue and productivity, not to mention the price of re-hiring. A staffing firm can help you avoid hiring mistakes by delivering top quality talent with the right expertise and experience for the job.

Reduce hiring costs. The conventional hiring process runs something like this: prepare a job description, advertise the position or place it on job boards, screen resumes, select candidates, call them for interviews, run background checks, make your choice. A good staffing firm will either perform or assist you with all of the above – without charging you a nickel for the additional services.

Maintain productivity. The people in your company charged with the above hiring tasks are usually not doing them full-time. Which means they’re pushing their regular jobs aside to make time for hiring. Let the experts find candidates for you while your employees focus on the activities that make your company money.

Fill open jobs quickly. The traditional hiring process is a long drawn-out affair. Staffing firms shorten it considerably. They know more people, reach better candidates, use technology to find candidates below your radar, and know which candidate will bite at which salary level. The result is that you find the right person sooner and start profiting from them faster.

Maintain flexible staffing levels. Hiring employees costs money. So does firing them. A staffing firm can send you workers who are employees of the firm, not your company. You hire only the ones you need, for as long as you need. When their tenure is over, there are no separation costs.

Control your cash outlays. If you need to hire an employee quickly but don’t have the cash flow to pay for their benefits yet, ask your staffing firm to send you one of their contract employees. When your cash flow improves, you can hire the contract employee full-time or ask the staffing company to search for a permanent worker.

Your people are your most important asset and often your largest expense item. Use a staffing firm to save money while your company builds this precious resource.

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