Who’s your Recruiter?

Whether you are currently working with a recruiter or have been contacted by a recruiter, building a relationship with a local recruiter is one of the best relationships you can have.   A few tips on building this relationship are: 1) Meeting in person is a good start, this way you can share ideas and… Read More »

Not sure what you want to be when you grow up?

North America is experiencing a talent shortage in manufacturing and will continue to see a shortage in the coming years.  With the continued advancement in technology, the manufacturing environment is changing dramatically and constantly. While new technology presents opportunities for performance enhancements, many companies are unable to take full advantage of innovations because of the… Read More »

Fitting the pieces together.

As your company grows and is faced with  productivity challenges or if you are a business who just received a deadline that may be too hard to accommodate – IMKO Workforce Solutions can help you find the missing piece to your puzzle!   Whether you need temporary help or maybe you are seeking a full… Read More »

Can you hear me now?

Are you an effective listener?  Do you interrupt someone while they are in the middle of speaking?  Do you talk more than you listen?  In conversations do you direct your full attention to the person speaking or does your mind wander and think ahead about what you want to say next?    Whether you are… Read More »

Having trouble deciding on a Major in College?

Engineering majors seem to be dominating the list of highest paid college majors.  Taking over the top 6 spots in the top ten highest paid degrees for a Bachelors.   With the demand being so high for this field and the graduates so low it isn’t surprising that Computer Engineering is ranked number 1 with… Read More »

Hot Jobs for 2013

Thousands of people across the country are focusing on one important New Year’s resolution: landing a new job.  So what seems to be the hot careers for 2013?   The trends seem to vary in industry from healthcare, technology, finance and accounting, administrative and clerical as well as engineering and manufacturing.   Some of the… Read More »

Do you have the Right People on the Bus?

In Jim Collins book ” Good to Great” there are several points that resonate with most employers and one is ” to get the right people on the bus.”   If you have not read this book and I suggest to anyone who is in business please add this to your reading list…. this quote… Read More »