Do you have the Right People on the Bus?

In Jim Collins book ” Good to Great” there are several points that resonate with most employers and one is ” to get the right people on the bus.”   If you have not read this book and I suggest to anyone who is in business please add this to your reading list…. this quote… Read More »

Nonverbal Communication in an Interview

Everyone gets so excited to find out they have been called for an interview but then they start to fret over things like ” will I give the right answers; how many other people am I up against in the interview; who will I be meeting with?.”   These are all normal concerns but one… Read More »

AND Kirksville makes 10!!!

I know you are asking yourself  “what does that mean?”  WELL…… IMKO Workforce Solutions has just opened it’s tenth location in Kirksville Missouri.  We are so happy that Bill has taken the reigns and is working his magic to help serve employees and clients in the Kirksville market.  If you are in that area and… Read More »

To accept or not accept a job opportunity… that is the question.

You’ve been searching and interviewing for jobs but the right one hasn’t come along.  So you finally get a job offer but it’s not quite what you are looking for; less pay,  part time or there aren’t any benefits, what do you do?  On the one hand you hate to turn down an opportunity but… Read More »

Staffing Myths

There are a lot of “myths” out there about how staffing firms work?  One of the most frequent questions we get asked is “how much does IMKO charge to help people find jobs?”.    IMKO Workforce Solutions doesn’t charge anything to the employees looking for work.  Our clients rely on us to help recruit, insure,… Read More »

IMKO Workforce Solutions isn’t just temporary staffing.

IMKO Workforce Solutions has been putting people to work in the St Joseph Missouri area for 40 years; we have temporary, temp to hire, direct hire and permanent placement job openings in everything from Warehouse  and Clerical jobs to Management, Maintenance  and Accounting.… Read More »

Looking for a New Career Opportunity?

IMKO Workforce Solutions has 9 offices to help you find that new job!  Our corporate office is in St Joseph Missouri and we have branches in Kansas City MO, Atchison KS, Sedalia MO, Jefferson City MO, Boonville MO, Kirksville MO, Sioux City IA and Allentown PA.   Check out our website to find the office… Read More »

Be Proactive!

I have had several candidates ask me ” Is it appropriate to follow up after sending a resume or going on an interview?”  My answer is always “yes.”  You are never out of line to make contact with a company within a week of submitting your resume but especially make contact after an interview, the… Read More »

Submitting an On-line application?

In this wonderful world of technology it seems that many companies require you to fill out on line applications.  I know it may get frustrating or seem like too many steps but do your best to fill out the entire application, make sure to remember correct dates and if you have a resume make sure… Read More »