I have worked with IMKO since 2005. I am confident that IMKO would be an asset to any company seeking professional staffing services. They are consistently sending dependable, hardworking people to assist us. They take our job requirements, match them to qualified individuals and proceed to send us pre-screened personnel who meet our preliminary requirements. I highly recommend that businesses take time to look into the benefits of using IMKO for all their staffing needs.

Val Corbin

Since 2008, Sierra Bullets has worked closely with IMKO Workforce Solutions to meet the hiring needs of our business. The Staffing professionals at IMKO are committed to finding the best candidates for the position. Ultimately by using IMKO as part of our hiring process, we are able to find qualified candidates quickly, reduced hiring costs and ultimately reduce turnover. For administrative, product inspection, packaging and production positions IMKO has time and time again delivered exceptional service when permanent or temporary staff members are needed.

Doug Wickman, Vice President Operations, Sierra Bullet LLC, Sedalia, MO