What Are Your Biggest Challenges?

Unpredictable demand? Too much time spent hiring and onboarding people? Great leaders too hard to find? At IMKO, we can find the right people and train and manage them. You can focus on getting work done.

Take a Look at Our Workforce Solutions:

Our reliable workers help you adapt to seasonal variations, business growth, leaves of absence or vacations efficiently and cost-effectively.

Try a potential employee on the job to ensure a good fit before making them a permanent part of your organization, or screen multiple candidates to determine who performs better on the job.

Add someone to your organization, but not your payroll. They work under our payroll and we take care of all administrative details and employment liabilities.

IMKO can manage your large-volume temporary workforce at your location while you focus on your business.

Our executive search solution offers access to some of the most talented people nationwide. We bring you proven professionals qualified to lead your organization. You owe nothing until you hire the best of the candidates we present.

Request an appointment, and we’ll show you how we can help.